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Veronica del Carmen Herrera – Wisdom Teeth surgery

My experience with this dental office has been better than in other places, they inform and are on top of the appointments (giving reminders); I have had easy hours and the service is good.

In my case with the wisdom teeth removal, they were much interested in my post surgery status and the medications that I had to take before and after the surgery, which translated in my prompt recovery. And during the periodic visits in the year, they always show concern about my oral health and give me the best recommendations to improve my Oral Hygiene.

Wisdom Teeth Surgeries performed in: January of 2010.
Porcelain Inlay – Authentic IPS Emax done in: march of 2011

Verónica Del Carmen Herrera Pinto
Age: 26 years

Panamá, april 18, 2015

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