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Tekla Ulrich – Implants (2013)

Prior to receiving implants from Dr. Sanmartín, I was uable to chew food on the left side of my mouth without pain and difficulty. It caused me to chew food only on my right side leading to soreness from overuse.
The Implants are wonderful! I can now chew normally, my mouth feels terrific. I have had no pain and no problems.
I live in Panama and in the United States, while in the U.S. I have had my teeth cleaned and was told by the Periodontist and Hygienist that my Implants were excellent.

Thank you Dr. Sanmartin

Implants placed in: April, 2013

Tekla Ulrich
Age: 65 years
Born in New York, retiree resident of Taboga Island
Panamá, January 12, 2015

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