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Lissette Mariel Valderrama – Snoring (2013)

To talk about snoring many times causes shame to the person who suffers from them; but if you do not look for the necessary help, it will become a worst problem in the future. Personally, my life changed, before, I felt tired even if I had slept many hours; now with the device I feel rested and more active during the day. In addition, I now that I do not disturb my husband at night with my snoring because with the custom made device, I breath better and avoid the noises at night. To my friends who suffer from Snoring, I recommend them Clínica Dental Sanmartín so they can star their treatment, which is effective and I want to make it clear that is a disease that should be treated as soon as possible and here is the best place in which you can get treatment.

Using Mandibular Advacement Device since: april of 2013

Lissete Mariel Valderrama S.
Age: 22 years Student
November 23, 2013

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