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Lic. Gil A. Moreno – Snoring

In a Sleep Study (Polysomnography) that was performed, it got registered that during that night I woke up 80 times. I was always feeling drowsy at the Stop signs, car jams, at the office.

I heard about the options of a mask and a compressor (Nasal CPAP) that had to be always at my side and use every night; this option did not convinced me. On one occasion I listened in the radio about a solution for Sleep Apnea and decided to hear in the appointment, what was all about it. It sounded strange that a Dental Office was offering this service.

I decided to invest in my health and wellbeing of my wife until the oral device arrived.

The first day (at night) I placed the device at 9:00pm and a “little” later I woke up, thinking that I continue to have short sleeps; to my surprise I had slept 7 hours continuously, that seemed like a “little” while. From there on I always have the device with me and use it every night. I can sleep without snoring or Shortness of breath, as it happened in the past.

With all the authority that this experience bestowes me, I recommend to all whom I hear that has the problem of Snoring or Sleep Apnea, to choose this option.

Gil Abad Moreno O.
Certified Public Accountant

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