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Jaime C. Garcia A. – Sleep Apnea (2014)

I have been snoring for many years, but only when I started to feel that I was not getting any rest at night, waking up equally tired than the day before and without energy, did I started to think that something was not okay and began visiting several doctors, in search of vitamins, restorative or relaxants that would allow me sleep better.

Sometimes the tireness affected my humor, keeping me anxious and irritable. When my wife told me, that the cause for not resting while I slept could be the snoring, since she can hear me every night and see how I gusp for air (Apnea), see me restless and moving while sleeping.

One day we visited a specialist in Sleep, who did a Laboratory Sleep Study, and she gave us two options: one was the Surgery (Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty), which had a low success rate and the other option was the Nasal CPAP; which I ended up buying.

I researched all I could about the use of CPAP and the different types of masks; I bought the accesories that I considered will bring me greater benefits and confort (Mask, pillows, little gel pillows, etc.). I permanently used the CPAP for three months, the results were good at the beginning, I started to rest better while I slept; it irritated my skin and I woke up with the noise of the escaping air from the seal of the mask when I move. Then I understood that even though there was a positive improvement in my night sleep, I was not going to be able to improve it unless I could find a better alternative.

One day while taking my daughters to school, I heard the ad of Clinica Sanmartín, who presented me the option of a Intraoral Device. I was well treated and they answered all my questions. I had braces for many years, so to have an appliance in my mouth will not be new to me. I decided to have the appliance made, and have been using it daily for 6 months. My sleep is back to being restful and I got use to wearing it very quickly. I have accustomed so much to sleeping with the appliance, that the night that I fall asleep without the device, I wake up when I hear I am snoring and gusping for air.

Based on my experience, the Intraoral Device has been the best option and the path to be able to recover resting at night. I strongly recommend it as an option to consider for Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

Using Appliance for Sleep Apnea and Snoring since: August 2014

Eng. Jaime C. García A.
Age: 45 years
Industrial Engineer
Born in Chiriqui, Resident in City of David
Panamá, January 10, 2015

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