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Jacinta Castro – Zirconium Crowns

Due to bad experiences with other Dentists in the countryside of the country, when I was a teenager I ended up thinking all were alike; I neglected my teeth because of fear of everything related to Dentists; my husband insisted that someday I would have to go to the Dentist and he had heard over the radio about Clínica Dental Sanmartín. We went and were received by the doctor himself, and what caught our attention was the fact that Dr. Sanmartín would do the work, as opposed to other clinics where their staff would treat the patient. Dr. Sanmartín has done an excellent job, I thank him for his professionalism ; he has done the work that I had waited for during 22 years.

Jacinta Castro
Born in Veraguas – Resident of Panamá City

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