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Irina Casal – Implants (2006)

Taking the decision to get a Dental Implant was the most successful decision in a long time in my life. Before, I smile, now I laugh and show all my teeth. Ha ha ha.

The fact that was immediate was very important; also the fact that it should look and feel natural is important; so much that now I could not live without it.

One anecdote of many that I have is when I had the Implant placed on December 28th, 2006; a week later a male coworker commented that I had done something because before he could see a space between my teeth and now it is not there.

Another female coworker went to ask me if I had done something in my mouth so I showed her my teeth and she could not notice what was done, because the Implant looks so natural that cannot be seeing.

Without doubts I will recommend it.

Immediate Function Implant placed: December of 2006

Irina Casal
Certified Public Accountant
Age: 38
Panamá, September 13, 2010

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