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Ing. Karol L. Pitty – Inmediate Function Implants

I´m Karol L. Pitty, I am an Engineer and live in the city of David, Province of Chiriquí in the Republic of Panama. During 7 years I suffered the loss of one of my upper front tooth, in a car accident. Seeing myself in the mirror and noticing that my smile was not the same as before and when comparing the pictures previous to the accident and the ones after, that was very painful to me; only then, I came to value those things that oftentimes we take for granted.
Everything changed, I did not have a natural smile, eating and and attending social events was all a big trauma for me; in conclusion my self-esteem was very low. Until one day I heard about the Implants of Sanmartín Dental Clinic; I decided to give myself an opportunity.
The truth is that I DO NOT REGRET IT, I recoved my smile, my self-esteem; it was one of the best investments. Besides recovering my smile, I have learned the importance of Oral Hygiene.
I would like to praise the Professionalism and the excellent customer service that Sanmartín Dental Clinic has. I feel extremely happy, I recover my smile.

Karol Lineth Pitty
Telecommunications Engineer
Resident of Dolega, Chiriquí

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