¡Mejoramos Sonrisas, Transformamos Vidas!

Ing. Irving Castro – Sleep Apnea

My experience with the use of the oral device has been of progressive improvement, at first I felt a little discouraged, since I thought change would be immediate, like other cases I have read about. Nonetheless, what I did notice from the first moment, was that even though I still had Apnea, there was lowering of my Blood Pressure when I woke up in the morning; with time the Sleep Apnea improved to the point that has almost disappeared, which was also gradual since the periods of time without Apnea began to longer. That is, the periods between Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Despite the fact that the snores have not disappeared totally, it is important that the Sleep Apnea has, because of the negative consequences this bring to your health. I recommend all persons that suffer from this disease, to use the oral Device because my case has been somewhat difficult, but I do have experienced improvement.

Irving Enrique Castro G.
Communications Engineer

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