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Evidelia Espino – Implants (2006)

Hi, my name is Evidelia Espino and am 40 years of age today, and happy of having reached my dream: to have a natural smile with safe and healthy Implants; I have no discomfort in my mouth, on the contrary now I smile with intent and show my teeth and nobody notice them and even if I tell them, they do not believe I have Implants.

Many years ago when I was 11 years old, I went to a private dental office with the desire of removing two overcrowded teeth and the doctor wisely told me that he could not do it, because both teeth were big and it would not look good. But finally he agreed to extract them and the other two teeth next to the overcrowded teeth and made me a Denture that did not fit well; when I needed to brush my teeth after eating I did not want to, because I had to remove the partial denture, that caused me embarrassment, I did not smile and I covered my mouth with my hand. Everybody noticed the denture, due to the wear of the teeth, the color of them and the bad breath that it caused; I even feel it brought me decay in all back teeth.

When I got married I told my husband that I had denture, that was my defect, he accepted it, but there was a problem, I did not want him to get near when I was brushing my teeth and oftentimes we quarreled when he did not pay attention to me and so I would not remove my denture. In the employments that I had, I did not smile, people thought I was upset, it was not the case; I felt embarrassment, the denture was worn out and had teeth shorter than others. I had another denture done and this one teeth longer than the natural teeth. I got fed up so I went to look for the dentist who did the first denture, but unfortunately, the doctor left Panama City.

One day watching TV, they showed a program of Clinica Dental Sanmartín, I wrote down the phone number and called the office. I was well taken care of when I called, I think an hour went by in the phone and requested an appointment with Dr. Sanmartín.

To all person who still use removable dentures, you are losing an opportunity of having confidence with your mouth; my breath is fresh, I have less saliva, it does not decomposes the food in the mouth, it does not get trapped between the denture and the clasp.

I could, you can also get recover your confidence and self- esteem.

4 Immediate Function Implants placed in: 2006

Evidelia Espino
Age: 35 years
Born in Herrera, Resident of Vacamonte

Panamá, November 16, 2010

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