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Eduardo Cuadra Davis – Implants

24 years ago I had an accident with a Surfing board and lost one front tooth and another tooth had a fractured root at the same time. A Fixed Denture bonded to one tooth was placed, with time it got loose and I felt uncomfortable because I thought someday the denture will get out or the tooth would fall out. I heard over the Radio what Clínica Sanmartín was offering: Immediate Dental Implants, so I went to the office and had the exam done. The One-Piece Immediate Function Implant was placed in only one appointment, without surgery neither stitches; has been the best that ever happened to me because now I am more confident and sure that my Implants are firm and secured and there is no problem that they will get loose and I recommend them since after so many years, now I have confidence when I smile.

Eduardo Cuadra Davis
General Services
Born in Colón, Panamá

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