¡Mejoramos Sonrisas, Transformamos Vidas!

E.E.T. – Oral Appliance (2014)

I consider this the most eficacious solution to overcome snoring. You only insert the appliance in the mouth and say goodbye to Snoring. Thanks to this appliance I have deep sleep and do not wake up at night, my rest is profund.

I encourage those who know that they snore and the wives of the Snorers to boost them to use the Oral Appliance. Everyone will sleep better; I even use it on airplanes, in my long trips.

Using Oral Appliance for Snoring since: September, 2014

E. E. T.
Attorney at Law
Age: 42 years
From Colon, Living in Panamá

Panama, December 13, 2014

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