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E.D. – Sleep Apnea – 2015

Sleep Apnea – Snoring – History of Nasal Surgery – Throat Surgery – Nasal CPAP use

For 20 years I was having Sinusitis problems, deviated nasal septum and my wife telling me that I snored. I went to an specialist and decided to do the surgery to correct the nose septum deviation and cure me of Sinusitis. The Doctor also told me about doing the Uvula surgery to correct mi Snoring problem; I accepted both surgeries.

Recovery from the Uvulopalatopharingoplasty, which is the name of the surgery to remove the Uvula; it is very painful. In order to be able to eat solids I had to receive pain injections. Pain disappeared completely after 20 days.

Despite both surgeries, the Snoring continue. A year ago, after continuing to snore all that time, my wife suggested to do something. So I went to a specialist, who did a Sleep Study and diagnosed the Sleep Apnea. His recommended treatment was to use CPAP: it is a machine, with hoses connected to a mask that expels air. But when I started to use it and fell asleep, that air will come out from the sides of the mask and immediately will wake up, so I could not sleep.

Until one day I heard over the radio, the ad of Clínica Dental Sanmartín. I went to the office and they explained to me what the treatment was about and decided to get the Oral Appliance done.

Since then, I have been using the appliance, I sleep much better; my wife says my snoring is very low and now I do not stop breathing at night. During the day I feel more energetic, is very practical and easy to use and sleep well.

I recommend to those who suffer from Sleep Apnea and Snoring to use the Oral Appliance!!!

Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea and Snoring since: October of 2014

Age: 69 years
Born in Colombia, Resident of Panama City

Panama, may 12, 2015

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