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Dr. Luis Manuel Filós A. – Implants (2010)

My experience with Implants: The idea of getting Dental Implants emerged as a necessity after suffering a fracture of one of my premolars, which previously had undergone a root canal. The importance of offering an adequate appearance to my patients, urged me to seek help and with the advice of my wife I chose Clínica Sanmartín. Here, with the advice of Dr. Juan Sanmartín, I have received excellent care. One Implant and two Crowns were placed, which had allowed me to maintain my professional appearance that my patients deserve and even more, enjoy the possibility of smiling without hindrance during the great moments of joy that I share with my family and friends.

Implant placed: November of 2010
Dr. Luis Manuel Filós Aizpurúa
Internal Medicine
Panama, october 4, 2013

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