¡Mejoramos Sonrisas, Transformamos Vidas!

Cap. Mauricio A. Pérez – Snoring

Sincerely, I have no words to thank you the excellent recommendation in the use of the Intraoral device for Snoring.

It has changed my personal, work and family life. During the last 9 years I suffered from very loud Snoring that did not allow me or other people to rest. I suffered of permanent somnolence and would fall asleep anywhere, it did not matter if I just woke up. This was due to the fact that I woke up 3 or 4 times during the night, which did not allow me to have a continuous sleep.

From day one wih the use of the Intraoral device, I have slept well and I wake up with energy. Today, I sleep well, do not fall asleep anywhere and have lost 35 pounds.

Mauricio A. Pérez G.
Born in Veraguas Resident of Panama City
Captain of Tugboat at the Panama Canal

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