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Alcides Arosemena González – Implants (2009)

For over 39 years, after losing the upper front teeth, a removable denture replacing the 2 teeth was done; it did not look good at all; sometimes it will get loose and I always had the feeling that it would fall out when speaking or eating; I suffered with this and was always embarrassed, I did not feel at ease.
Then I heard over the radio about Clinica Sanmartín and the method of the Implants; I consulted with my wife and decided to get the Implant for both my teeth; it has been something very satisfactory, I feel awesome and recommend them to all who can if it is required, to place the Implants because it is as having the original teeth.

One-Piece Implants placed: January 2009

Alcides Arosemena González
Civilian Engineer
Born in Los Santos, Resident of Panamá City

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