• 21 JUL 15
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    Margarita Fellove de Larsson – Inlays, Venners, Bleaching – 1991

    I came to Clínica Dental Sanmartín in 1991, because I wanted to change my silver amalgam (Black fillings) restorations; I was afraid that such fillings could release mercury in my mouth and cause health problems; besides I wanted to improve my look with something more natural. At the appointment of my treatment presentation, they showed

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    • 20 JUL 15
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    Enoc Rodríguez Rodríguez – Mini-implants 2015

    Aproximately 3 years ago I came to Clinica Dental Sanmartín, because I had pain and mobility in my teeth; I could not eat well, the pain will not allow it. In addition, I did not liked my teeth appearance and by that time I had lost several teeth. Since the beginning, I felt the courtesy

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    • 13 MAY 15
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    E.D. – Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea – Snoring – History of Nasal Surgery – Throat Surgery – Nasal CPAP use For 20 years I was having Sinusitis problems, deviated nasal septum and my wife telling me that I snored. I went to an specialist and decided to do the surgery to correct the nose septum deviation and cure me

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    • 14 JAN 15
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    Jaime C. Garcia A. – Sleep Apnea (2014)

    I have been snoring for many years, but only when I started to feel that I was not getting any rest at night, waking up equally tired than the day before and without energy, did I started to think that something was not okay and began visiting several doctors, in search of vitamins, restorative or

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    • 16 DEC 14
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    E.E.T. – Dispositivo (2014)

    I consider this the most eficacious solution to overcome snoring. You only insert the appliance in the mouth and say goodbye to Snoring. Thanks to this appliance I have deep sleep and do not wake up at night, my rest is profund. I encourage those who know that they snore and the wives of the

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    • 15 DEC 14
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    Leyroy Franklin Skinner Coleman – Ronquidos (2011)

    I want to thank Dr. Sanmartín in a very special way, also to Dra. Mirza Miller and all the technical and administrative staff of Clínica Dental Sanmartín, for the treatment I had the honor of receiving, to solve my Chronic and Severe Snoring, that I have been suffering for more than 20 years. Thru all

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