Welcome to Sanmartín Dental Clinic

We proudly offer the finest attention to the care of each patient. We are determined to give you the smile you deserve! We provide a cosmetic solution for those who want to look and feel younger, with respect to your teeth. Even the slightest difference in the size of your teeth, color, texture and shape can be part of your overall image. We always consider your gender, lifestyle and ethnicity, so your smile reflects who you are.


To become the leader in Comprehensive Dentistry Clinic Advanced, providing care and service that exceed the expectations of our patients in a warm, familiar, human, friendly and respectful with the latest technology, provided by highly trained professionals in order to improve the quality of life of our patients.


  • Every day we strive to provide excellence to our patients through dental care of the highest quality, leading to the optimal long-term oral health. But our ultimate goal is to help people transform their lives.

  • We treat people, not teeth. We measure success based on the quality of the relationships we have, not only dental care we provide.

  • We are committed to providing optimal oral health throughout life and relationships based on mutual respect.

  • We believe Medically complex patients (Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.), Handicapped & Senior citizens are entitled to access to the best dental care.

  • We are genuine and sincere. Our role is to advise and only recommend treatment for our patients that our family or ourselves would.

  • We believe in quality not quantity. We employ quality time with all patients see only one patient at a time and we do not hurry the proceedings.

  • We are responsible and comply with the highest standards of sterilization to ensure safety. We use only the best materials, equipment, instruments and laboratories.

  • We are ethical and believe that every patient deserves to be treated honestly, fairly and with the utmost respect. We are committed to transparency, not surprises.

  • We believe in quality comprehensive care. It is our duty to inform you about the status of your oral health and suggest ways to improve the health and function of your oral cavity.

  • We transform live on a daily basis, creating beautiful and healthy smiles that allow patients to regain their self esteem and confidence.

  • We relieved the fears of our patients by providing a relaxed, non-judgmental and comforting so as to overcome their fears.

  • All doctors and staff participate in continuing education courses annually to increase knowledge and keep pace with new developments in dentistry.


Our core values ​​include practical philosophy and principles that guide us in our daily decisions and actions and in our interactions with others. They are the foundation upon which is built our practice.